Indigenous Education

  • Partners in Education

    Collaborative efforts with Aboriginal Nations and Aboriginal Educational Institutes are a high priority for us and we are regularly expanding opportunities.

  • First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI)

    FNTI, an Aboriginally owned and controlled postsecondary institute, was created in 1985 through innovative and dynamic partnerships between the Tyendinaga Mohawk Council, FNTI Board of Directors, Indian & Northern Affairs Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Education & Training. We deliver post-secondary programs approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

  • Nbisiing Secondary School

    Nbisiing Secondary School is dedicated to the success of First Nations students through high quality secondary school education that stresses student success and student empowerment. A collaborative effort with Canadore College is the key to ensuring a successful transition from secondary school to a postsecondary learning environment. 

  • Anishinabek Educational Institute

    The Anishinabek Educational Institute (AEI) and Canadore College maintain a partnership agreement to promote program opportunities and excellence for Anishinabek learners. The partnership will:

    • Ensure quality programming and high service standards;
    • Improve accessibility and retention;
    • Contribute to Anishinabek advancement towards self-governance, economic development and self-sufficiency in a manner that is responsive to employment and training needs;
    • Explore and encourage opportunities to share facilities, resources, curricula and new programs; and
    • Provide graduates with a diploma jointly issued by the AEI and Canadore College.
  • Seven Generations Education Institute

    A mutual partnership agreement is maintained between Seven Generations Education Institute and Canadore College. The partners have combined expertise to offer programs rich in quality with strong ties to culture and community. Currently a number of community-based, post-secondary programs are being delivered by Seven Generations Education Institute. Planning is currently under way to continue to explore new areas for collaboration. 

  • Ontario Native Education Counselling Association

    Canadore College and the Ontario Native Education Counselling Association (ONECA) have mutually agreed upon a model to increase learning pathways for Aboriginal students. The partners have developed an articulation agreement between the ONECA Native Counsellor Training Program (NCTP) and Canadore College’s Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention Program. This agreement provides NCTP graduates with the option of continuing into post-secondary studies at Canadore while recognizing their past academic accomplishments. This model reduces the amount of time and financial resources required to complete the diploma.