Program Development and Review

New College programs are developed consistent with the College’s Strategic Direction, Academic Strategy, and the Program Quality Assurance Policy (PQA Policy). New programs are administered in accordance with the Minister’s Binding Policy Directive Framework for Programs of Instruction, as well as guidelines from the Ontario Colleges Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS).

The College ensures consistency among submissions and adherence to titling nomenclature, credentialing, mapping to vocational outcomes and essential employability skills, and meeting general education requirements by having a centralized point of contact for program development (the Quality Learning, Teaching and Innovation department).

This process document summarizes the steps of program development from the inception of an idea to the submission of the final program proposal to all approval bodies, and eventual launch of the program. The program development process follows an annual cycle as determined by related college activities.

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Program Review

Program Review process has been developed to promote a thorough investigation of programs at Canadore College and encourage continuous improvement.

The Program Review process is based on an analysis of the five pillars along with a Final Report with a Recommendations and Implementation Plan. The five pillars are:

  1. Student Success;
  2. Program and Service Excellence;
  3. Innovation;
  4. Connection to Community
  5. Sustainability (fiscal and environmental)

The items within each component are meant to guide investigators in the examination of an array of factors which impact a program’s quality, viability and overall success.

The typical Program Review team engagement is projected to be completed over a period of approximately four months, from initial information session to submission for approval. The Program Review process is assumed to be collaborative with the Program Review team comprised of professors and support staff in the program along with consultation with all stakeholders in the program. Stakeholders include: all professors and support staff that deliver the program; all part-time staff; all service subject staff; students; PAC; employers, etc.

Program standards apply to all similar programs of instruction offered by colleges across the province. Each program standard for a postsecondary program of instruction includes the following elements:

  • Vocational standard (the vocationally specific learning outcomes which apply to the program in question),
  • Essential employability skills (the essential employability skills learning outcomes which apply to all programs of instruction), and
  • General education requirement (the requirement for general education in postsecondary programs of instruction).

The vocational and essential employability skills components of program standards are expressed in terms of learning outcomes.

All Canadore programs are mapped to approved program vocational learning outcomes. These maps are reviewed and updated annually.

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The Annual Review of Curriculum is a process undertaken in advance of each new academic year to renew, revise, and update curriculum. Faculty members, external stakeholders and academic administrators each play an important role in ensuring program curricula is responsive to changes in the employment sector.

General Education Course review is a comprehensive cyclical review of each required and elective General Education course. The review ensures that General Education courses are consistent with Ministry requirements pertaining to General Education courses.

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Canadore College course outlines are updated by faculty and approved by Dean on an annual basis. The College’s course outline system ensures course outlines include course level learning outcomes, mapping to program vocational learning outcomes and essential employability skills, teaching and learning activities and assessment and evaluation strategies.

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Faculty performance review is a formative process that incorporates feedback from students, administration and faculty with the explicit goals of continuous improvement and quality.

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