Academic Continuity

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Academic Continuity, Fall 2020

In spring 2020, COVID-19 disrupted the delivery of learning at Canadore and around the world. We had to flex, change, and adapt the way we teach, learn, and communicate. Despite the challenges this disruption brought, Canadore faculty and staff worked together to skillfully and collaboratively create rich and rigorous learning opportunities for students to complete their studies remotely.  

This fall, remote delivery will continue to be the main mode of learning at Canadore as outlined in Canadore’s Academic Delivery Plan to ensure our collective safety. To assist faculty to continue to teach students remotely, the Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE) has developed some resources:

Both courses are located in iLearn and are accessed by selecting the word “Resources” from the navbar once logged in to iLearn.

Along with these resources, ACE will continue to provide professional development (PD) opportunities, and hold regular drop-in sessions online for faculty to learn and ask questions about remote delivery. PD opportunities, drop-in times, and how to attend them are listed on this page. The ACE Team will also be available to provide iLearn, course design, EdTech support, and one-to-one help.

If you are looking for remote delivery support, take time to review the resources listed, attend a professional development opportunity, or reach out with your remote delivery questions. ACE is here to help. As we did in the spring, we will work together to create rich and rigorous learning opportunities for students.

Upcoming Online PD Opportunities

Internal (Canadore) PD

All sessions EST and 1-hour long unless stated otherwise.

  • Every Tuesday, 3 - 4 PM, iLearn Drop-In Support
  • Every Thursday, 10 - 11 AM, iLearn Drop-In Support

Visit NUT100 or FAC100 in iLearn for links to attend sessions.

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Upcoming Online PD Opportunities

External PD

All sessions are EST & 1-hour long unless otherwise stated.

For iLearn support

Login into iLearn and select NUT100: iLearn in a Nutshell by selecting “Resources” from the iLearn navbar.

For remote teaching support

Login into iLearn and select FAC100: Faculty Support for Remote Delivery by selecting “Resources” from the iLearn navbar.

For student accommodation support

Need One-to-One Help?

We are here to help! What type of one-to-one help do you need?

For iLearn (D2L) or course design help -

For student accommodation help -

For IT help -

For general Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE) inquiries -