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International Development

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Academics without Borders (AWB) is a network of Canadian universities and colleges that have come together to collaborate on projects in partnership with institutions of higher learning in the developing world.

The AWB Network provides important linkages between institutions, their faculty and staff with a common commitment to global development.

Canadore College entered into an agreement to become a member of AWB in January 2021 in order to facilitate and enhance opportunities for Canadore academic faculty to contribute their expertise to projects.

Such initiatives and projects are a key element of an institution’s approach to holistic internationalization. Project linkages established through the AWB have potential to mature and strengthen over time to include broader institutional partnerships

With Canadore College’s participation in AWB, academic faculty at the college can now participate in AWB coordinated projects. Canadore College academic faculty are encouraged to consider signing up for the AWB newsletter so that they may be informed when a new call for proposals is issued, as well as receive AWB network news directly here:


Operating Principles

A fundamental operating principle of AWB is that areas in which assistance is needed must be identified by universities or the ministries of higher education in the countries in which they work. These institutions are the owners of the projects and take the lead in project design and implementation. AWB assists our partners in fulfilling their defined needs and established goals by providing requested expertise. However, member institutions like Canadore College can also proactively propose projects.

Partnership Benefits

Faculty and staff at member institutions are given priority as project volunteers on all projects

Along with a detailed orientation, volunteers who participate in AWB projects are provided with travel expenses reimbursement (flights, accommodations, meals, etc.), medical insurance, and vaccinations.


Examples of AWB Projects

Recently, in 2020, AWB members contributed to a project at a university in Uganda which focused on building medical research capacity on maternal and infant health through Micro Research Training workshops.

Similarly, in 2018, a professor from Seneca College spent six weeks as an AWB volunteer at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia teaching advanced research methods to a cohort of the then newly launched PhD in Law program.

Examples of the life-cycle of an AWB research project is available via the attached document titled: “AWB Project Life Cycle”. Details of all AWB projects undertaken to date are available here:


Calls for Proposals

Most of AWB’s projects emerge from proposals received directly from institutions in the developing world. However, twice a year in the spring and in the fall, AWB initiates a call for proposals for projects from faculty and staff of our Network member institutions to introduce potential projects to AWB.


Impacts of Covid-19

Because of the impacts of the pandemic, projects for the immediate future are virtual but are still proceeding where possible. For example, AWB members in existing projects are still conducting training sessions and offering expertise virtually where needed, without the need for travel.

WUSC Student Refugee Program Sponsorship

Canadore College, in collaboration with the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) participates in the Student Refugee Program (SRP), a Canada-wide initiative involving a network of institutions that host student refugee learners every year. In 2020-21, Canadore College is proud to host a refugee student learner from Syria.

Participation in initiatives such as the WUSC student refugee program is testament to Canadore’s commitment to reciprocity and development in all it’s international endeavours and engagements.