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New Faculty

Welcome to Canadore! This space explains where to find and how to access the training, EdTech tools, resources, and support you need to teach students at the College.

New Faculty Orientation

All new faculty at Canadore attend two orientation sessions. These sessions are New Employment Orientation (NEO) and New Faculty Orientation (NFO).

NEO is the College’s official organizational onboarding orientation. All College staff and faculty complete. NFO/Intro to iLearn is an introduction for faculty to the College’s teaching and learning practices, EdTech tools for instruction, and teaching resources and support. You will receive an invitation to register and attend both NEO and NFO/Intro to iLearn sessions via email after you are hired by the College.

New faculty can also review, register, and attend the many PD opportunities available to all faculty at Canadore at any time.


There are many EdTech tools at Canadore to support you while you teach at the College. Visit the EdTech section to review a list of the EdTech tools available to you, and how to access and find support to use them.  

EdTech tools are reviewed at New Faculty Orientation (NFO).

iLearn & EdTech tool use & training

EdTech access issues & troubleshooting  

Audiovisual equipment, training & support  

Not Sure?

Teaching Resources & Support

Canadore provides several services and resources to support you with your teaching. The following is a list of these services and resources. Each service and resource listed is reviewed and explained at New Faculty Orientation (NFO).

Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE)

Campus Shop

  • Textbook orders

Educational Technology Services

  • Audiovisual equipment, training & support

Harris Learning Library

  • Learning resources
  • Copyright support

Information Technology Services

  • Access issues & support
  • Computer issues & troubleshooting

Student Success Services

  • Learning support
  • Mental health support
  • Peer tutoring