Canadore College Council


  • Promote a collaborative College culture
  • Contribute positively to planning and decision-making processes
  • Provide a forum for stakeholder discussion of policy, strategic directions, and planning issues
  • Propose, review and/or recommend policies, procedures and practices


  • Council provides a means for students and staff of the College to provide advice to the president on matters of importance. These matters may include
    • Educational opportunities and services
    • The learning and working environment
    • Quality of college life
    • Educational services, resources and equipment
    • Technology integration
    • Campus environmental matters
    • College promotion

Responsibilities of Members

  • Attend all council meetings or send alternate if unable to make meeting
  • Fulfill College Council Mandate
  • Inform and consult with their constituent group on issues and developments in College Council

Policies and Procedures

  • Task groups
  • Smaller groups formed to work on a specific issue. Will bring forward report of recommendations to College Council
  • Bringing forward issues
  • Any member of college community can bring forward an issue or concern
  • Form is filled out and submitted to college council member of that constituent group
  • College Council will determine the acceptance of the proposed issue as valid according to mandate
  • If issue is not accepted, Chair will communicate with person who submitted issue and reason why it was not accepted
  • If issue is accepted, Chair will provide copy of minutes to the person who submitted issue

Interested in Joining the Council or attending a meeting?


  • Meet third Thursday of each month October through to April (7 regular meetings) at 5pm
  • Attendance important as quorum needed to vote/pass motions. Quorum 50% plus one of voting members

Next Meeting - April 21, 2022

Current Update:

We would like to remind the College community that masks are still required on campus until the end of April. We appreciate everyone’s diligence and cooperation.

Membership list

  • Tara McGoey, Chair
  • Micheline McWhirter, Vice-Chair
  • Becky Brooks, Recorder
  • Jacob Baisley
  • Ginette Gagnon
  • Sandy Nashkawa
  • Gavin Park
  • Melissa Whalen
  • Sarah Moore
  • Caroline Corbett
  • Samantha St Pierre, CSC President
  • Noah Landry, Vice President of Student Life